New To Dentures? 3 Ways To Get Used To Prosthetics Fast

When you start using prosthetics like dentures, it can take some time before you start to feel comfortable. At first, dentures may feel completely foreign, which can make it hard to chew and talk normally. However, by abiding by a few simple tips, you can break in your dentures faster and enjoy your new smile. Here are three easy ways to get used to dentures quickly. 

1. Wear Them As Much As Possible

As a new denture-wearer, you might be tempted to take them out and keep them in storage whenever you won't be talking with someone or going out for the day. However, wearing dentures as frequently as possible is crucial, especially since your mouth will need time to adjust to the prosthetics. 

As the weeks march on, it will become easier to articulate with dentures in place, as your brain and tongue learn to talk with dentures in place. Additionally, wearing dentures is important because it helps to transfer pressure as you eat, which helps the gums to develop callouses that make dentures more comfortable. 

Try to wear your dentures as frequently as possible, especially in the initial months of use. When you are home, practice talking and eating with dentures in place, making it less stressful to do these things in public as you get used to your prosthetics. 

2. Report Problems Promptly

While your dentist will make every effort to make denture wearing comfortable and convenient, it is possible for dentures to have fit problems that can make them difficult to wear. However, if you report these issues quickly to your dentist, dentures can be adjusted, preventing mouth sores, excess friction, and issues with dentures becoming knocked loose. 

Talk with your dentist as soon as you experience any issues with your dentures, including fit problems, foul odors, or issues with your bite when you chew. By maintaining an open line of communication about your denture use, you can ensure a comfortable experience.  

3. Keep Dentures Clean

It isn't easy to get used to prosthetics if they are uncomfortable to wear, and unfortunately, dentures can develop bacteria that can cause infections. When you wear dentures, follow the cleaning instructions your dentist gives you to the letter and mention issues if you struggle to keep dentures clean. Your dentist can recommend special dental care products to keep dentures sanitary, making them easier to wear and helping you to get used to prosthetics quicker.  

If you have been wearing dentures for a while and you still feel like you aren't used to wearing them, schedule an appointment with your dentist to talk about the issue. In addition to checking your prosthetics for fit and other issues, your dentist can also give you great tips for wearing dentures without incident and protecting your investment.

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