Fluoride Toothpaste is Important for Children

Information On Dentures

14 December

If you have a lot of problems with your teeth, then you may be considering the best way for you to deal with them. If you can correct a few issues with specific treatments, such as crowns or veneers, then you should consider doing this. However, if correcting your dental issues is going to be […]

What Are The Two Types Of Dental Implants?

28 November

Dental implants are artificial replacement teeth that are surgically implanted so they are attached under the gums to hold them in place. Dental implants give a more natural look and feel than dentures because they are not removable. These are the two types of dental implants that are commonly installed by dental professionals today. Endosteal […]

Understanding Bite Changes And The Effects Of Tooth Grinding On Implants

07 November

For some people, a strong bite can be problematic. It can lead to grinding, clenching, and other types of tooth damage. When you have a dental implant, the excess pressure behind those types of movements may actually damage the implant itself. Here are a few tips to help you protect your implants and overcome some […]

The Must-Know Info about Tooth Whitening Options

19 October

Many people have stained teeth. Stains can be caused by a number of things, and understanding what causes tooth stains can aid you in determining the appropriate way to get your teeth looking whiter. Some people instinctively think that tooth whitening is the answer for their discolorations, but this may not be an ideal option […]

Halloween Treats Don’t Have To Be Damaging To Your Child’s Teeth

29 September

The Halloween treats that kids collect during their trick-or-treating excursions don’t necessarily have to pose a serious threat to the health of their teeth. Your child can still have fun and enjoy some tasty treats as long as you make wise choices about the treats he or she can eat, teach moderation, don’t allow constant […]

2 Tips For Protecting Your Same-day Dental Crowns From Developing A Bacterial Infection

13 September

If you have a tooth that has experienced extreme dental decay, then you may eventually need to get a dental crown installed. A dental crown is used as a barrier to help protect the tooth from further decay. Same-day dental crowns are frequently used because they allow you to get the process done all at […]

Thumb-Sucking And Pacifiers: Are They Really A Risk To Teeth?

19 July

When you are the parents of an infant, you are frequently overwhelmed by too much advice. People tell you how long your child should sleep, what they should eat, and even what they should wear. When it comes to pacifiers and thumb-sucking, everyone has an opinion. As a parent, you need to know if these […]

The Dangers Of Grinding Your Teeth

30 June

It can be difficult to determine if you are one of the many people who suffer from Bruxism since the majority of teeth grinding occurs during sleep.  Occasional Bruxism may not require any treatment, but for those who grind their teeth on a regular basis or for the ten percent of people that grind their teeth to […]

About A Food And Drink That Encourages Cavities And Alternatives To Protect Your Teeth

13 June

If you are concerned that you have been developing more cavities than usual, it could be because of changes to your eating or drinking habits. Here are a few foods and drinks that could negatively impact your teeth and some alternatives to help you preserve your oral health. Chewy Candy Chewy candies, such as taffy […]

Three Tips For Maintaining Your Dental Practice’s 3D Printer

23 May

A 3D printer may be an essential tool for dental practices that need to make custom orthodontic retainers and braces. However, these are extremely complicated machines that will take regular care to keep them in good condition, but it can be common for some dental professionals to overlook some simple steps that can help the […]