Why Your Teeth Feel So Sensitive

Do your teeth feel particularly sensitive, and you are not sure why? If so, it will help to know some reasons why this can happen to you.  Cold Temperature Changes Be aware that exposure to cold outdoor temperatures can actually cause your teeth to feel sensitive. If you are sitting in your home with the temperature around 70°F, and then you step outside in the winter to temperatures that are below freezing, the cold air rushing over your teeth is going to cause them to feel sensitive. [Read More]

Benefits of Replacing Lost Teeth

If you have lost a few of your teeth, you may be anxious to have them replaced. The replacement of missing teeth can improve the look of your smile, but there are additional benefits associated with replacing lost teeth. Here are a few of them. Prevention of Bone Loss The teeth play indispensable roles in the maintenance of the girth and strength of the jawbones. The bone in which the roots of the teeth are located is called the alveolar ridge. [Read More]

Recover Quickly After a Dental Implant With the Right Precautions

If you've decided to have a dental implant done or your dentist recommended it, you need to prepare for the recovery. Any dental procedure can be an overwhelming experience, with dental implants requiring special care to heal properly.  Rather than rush the recovery time and find yourself in pain or the implant giving you issues later, consider what you can do to help with recovery.  Give Yourself Time to Relax [Read More]

4 Reasons A Bump Might Form On Your Gums And What Your Family Dentist May Do It

If you're brushing your teeth and notice a bump on your gums, or even see that it is oozing blood or fluid, visit your family dentist. You could also have pain associated with the bump, but if you don't, you shouldn't ignore the situation since a bump could indicate an oral infection. Here are four things that can cause a bump on your gums and how your family dentist can help. [Read More]