Molars With Cavities: How A Dentist Can Treat Them

Chewing food with molar teeth can be difficult when they have large cavities in them. You can get dental crowns placed on the molars to prevent the cavities from getting worse and an abscess from developing from infection. Find out in this article how the cavities in your molars will be treated and what you can expect the crowns to cost.

How Must Molars with Cavities Be Treated?

Your molars will have to undergo a visual examination and get an x-ray from the dentist before treatment is done. The visual examination is necessary so the dentist can determine if you have an infection. The x-ray will show the jawbones in case they are damaged. Jawbone damage can lead to the molars getting loose and falling out, which may lead to the dentist suggesting that you simply get them extracted instead of repaired. Leaving an infection like gingivitis untreated for a long time is what leads to jawbone damage, as gingivitis can turn into periodontal disease.

The dentist will also determine if you have a dental abscess that needs treatment. You will need a root canal on all of the molars that are abscessed. The root canal allows the dentist to treat the pulp chamber of a molar to get rid of dead nerves and the pus inside of the abscess. Your gums may be injected with antibiotics after the root canal is done.

The final part of treating your molars will be filling the cavities with dental putty. The dentist will also place crowns on the molars if you desire them. Crowns are ideal because they are able to cover the molars entirely to help them last longer. The crowns can also prevent the fillings from falling out, which sometimes happen after they have been in the enamel for a long time.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Dental Crowns Placed on Molars?

If getting dental crowns is a dental necessity, your insurance company might cover half of the price on your behalf. Dental crowns can cost as little as $500 each, but it depends on the type that you opt for. If you want crowns that are constructed out of porcelain, you should expect to pay up to $3,000 or more for each one. The size of your molars can also have an effect on the overall price. Make a dental care appointment so a dentist can treat the cavities in your molars!