4 Signs You Have An Excellent Pediatric Dentist

Going to the dentist can sometimes be an uncomfortable experience as a full-grown adult. In the eyes of a child, any type of dental treatment can be a cause for alarm. Because children have the tendency to be frightened of dentists and doctors already, finding a professional that makes them feel comfortable is an incredibly important thing to do as a parent. Not all dentists are cut out to work with children and not every child is going to feel comfortable with the same dentist. Here are four signs you should know as a parent that do prove you have an excellent pediatric dentist. 

1. The dentist addresses you and your child during visits. 

It is always important for your child's dentist to fill you in on what they are doing and what you need to know during a visit. However, it is also important for the dentist to address and communicate with the child. Communication will make your child feel more comfortable with the dentist. 

2. You are not left to wait in the waiting area for long periods of time. 

Every parent of a toddler knows what it's like to schedule an appointment well before nap time and then wait in a waiting room for so long that their little one gets tired and cranky. While the occasional blip may happen that leaves you waiting longer than usual, the best pediatric dentists know that keeping an antsy child waiting for longer than necessary will just make the visit more of a hassle. 

3. Your child's dentist does not hesitate to offer treatment options, not just one route to take. 

The best pediatric dentists understand that the same form of treatment for a problem will not work well with every child. Kids react differently to different things. For example, while one child may be fine having a tooth pulled with just local anesthetics, another might require sedation. Your child's dentist should always discuss the options you have available and allow you to make decisions about the route of treatment you think would be best. 

4. The dentist's office is child-friendly. 

The layout of a pediatric dentist office should be completely different than what you would find at an ordinary dentist's office. Treatment areas should be completely secluded to prevent your child becoming alarmed due to seeing another patient having a tooth pulled or cavity filled. Colorful dental chairs, televisions on the ceiling for viewing during treatment, and even bubble-gum flavored gloves are always staples at the most qualified pediatric dentist's office.