5 Facts You Should Know About Dental Implant Dentistry

A dental implant is a fixture made of titanium that's surgically positioned to interface with your jaw bone to support your prosthetic teeth. Individuals who have lost a tooth or teeth can take advantage of dental implant dentistry to have a full set of teeth. 

Dental implants are an excellent alternative to traditional dentures because of their high success rate. They are also better at preserving dental structures than traditional dentures. Let's look at the five facts you should know about dental implant dentistry. 

1. They Give your Prosthetic Teeth Strength 

Dental implant dentistry ensures your prosthetic teeth have the strength to function like real teeth. For example, they allow you to bite and chew normally. So even though you might be using prosthetics, you can enjoy a comfort nearly identical to what you had with natural teeth. 

The jawbone synchronizes with the implant the same way it does with the root of your natural teeth. This incredibly strong bond ensures you don't experience discomfort around the surgery area. 

2. It's a Simple Procedure

Dental implant dentistry is a simple routine procedure, even though its description makes it look like an invasive surgery. Most patients who've had a prosthesis implanted didn't suffer any complications. Its 98% success rate is proof that it's a viable option for anyone who wants to replace a lost tooth. As long as your jawbone is in ship-shape, a dental implant is likely a befitting solution for you. 

3. They Are Easy to Maintain

Unlike natural teeth that are susceptible to decay and cavities, prosthetic teeth will stay the way they are. Once the surgery site heals, all you need to do for maintenance is brushing and flossing like you do with your natural teeth. 

4. They Prevent Bone Loss 

Naturally, when you lose a tooth, the bone that used to support it also gets lost. With dental implant dentistry, you get an implant that mimics the missing bone. Your bone will therefore not recede or change its shape as a consequence of tooth loss. Dental implant dentistry preserves the integrity of your facial structure 

5. They Come with Health Benefits   

Aside from serving cosmetic purposes, dental implant dentistry also comes with health benefits. You can still eat all the foods that provide the nutrients your body needs for sustenance. 

These are some facts you should know about dental implant dentistry. Consult your dentist to find out if dental implants are a befitting solution for you.