All You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening

Getting a brighter and whiter smile may seem impossible to some people. Even if you do natural at home treatments, they might not be as effective as you want, which can cause you to spend a good deal of time and money on at home treatments. Luckily, dentists have a couple treatments that they can do that are much more effective that simply trying to eat different foods, or brushing your teeth with a certain toothpaste. Here are 3 different procedures you can have done to whiten your teeth.

1. Bleach Trays

One way to get a whiter smile is to get trays from the dentist that are specifically shaped to your teeth. Then the dentist will provide you with bleach that you put in the trays each day and wear on your teeth. This bleach is very strong and is actually a controlled substance, so you will only get a little bit at a time to ensure that you don't use too much and harm your teeth.

This type of bleaching is pretty effective and is the most affordable. It doesn't happen instantly and usually takes up to a couple of weeks to get the results that you want.

2. Laser Whitening

Another great way to whiten your teeth is to get a laser treatment. With this method the dentist will put some bleach on your teeth and then use a laser light to speed up the bleaching process. This means that in a matter of minutes you can get the white teeth that you want. In addition, you can also choose how white you want the teeth to be and the dentist can help you to achieve that.

This is a very effective way to whiten your teeth, but it is also a little pricier. However, the results will be quick, and will give you what you want.

3. Veneers

If you have too many stains on your teeth that even bleach won't correct, you might need to do veneers. Veneers are a porcelain cover that the dentist puts on your teeth to help change the shape and the color of the tooth. With veneers, you can guarantee that you will get the smile that you want and the exact look that you want. The shape and the color will be flawless. Veneers can be expensive, but they can last a lifetime and definitely look the best.

By understanding these three different types of teeth whitening you can choose what is best for you. Visit a dental clinic like Katz Family Dentistry PC for more information.