Errors To Avoid When Trying To Make Your Teeth Whiter

Shiny, sterling white teeth are envy of many; if you have a bright, glowing smile, you're likely to get a lot of compliments and feel better about smiling and showing off your teeth. However, in your quest to have the whitest teeth possible, you could end up doing real damage to your teeth that could cause problems for you in the future. For that reason, take care to avoid these teeth whitening errors.

Buying Something Too Strong

To get the whitest teeth you can, you may opt for a store kit that promises you that it's strong and will whiten your teeth within a single or a few applications. However, be aware that the bleaching chemicals used can be so strong that they strip your teeth of the enamel. When that happens, your teeth don't have the protection they need; this may manifest as heightened sensitivity to cold and hot beverages and foods or in increased incidences of cavities.

Another concern when you purchase one of those kits is that you can use them as often as you want. The directions may say that you should use the kit every few weeks, for instance, but you might have a special event coming up and feel tempted to use it more often to make your teeth even whiter. However, doing so only compounds the problems that your teeth could be experiencing.

To prevent problems, consult a dentist about which kits may be most appropriate.

Overusing Whitening Toothpaste

If you manage to avoid whitening kits at your drugstore, you might reason that you still need to brush your teeth, so why not buy one of the whitening pastes on the market? This might seem like a sensible solution at first, but you should know that the whitening toothpastes can have some of the same effects of the store-bought kits. Many times, the active "whitening" ingredient in these pastes is hydrogen peroxide. Generally considered safe for use, it can wear down your enamel over time. That's why it's smart, if you use one of these pastes, to alternate use with a regular cavity-fighting toothpaste. That way, you won't overdo it and your teeth will still be bright and clean.

When you're able to heed the information laid out here, you're going to be better able to whiten your teeth without causing harm. Your best bet may be to seek out a cosmetic dentist in the area who can give you whitening treatments inside their office so that you're confident that the process is safe for your teeth and will work well. Check out a company like Cherry Hill Dentistry LLC to get started.