Tips for Maintaining Your New Dental Implants

If you recently got dental implants, congratulations! You have taken a big step towards restoring your oral health and having a great smile. However, having dental implants is not enough; it is important to take proper care of them to ensure that they last long. Today's blog will cover some tips for maintaining dental implants.

Brush and Floss Daily

Just like your natural teeth, dental implants require daily brushing and flossing. The implants may not form cavities, but the surrounding gums can still be affected by gum disease and plaque buildup, which can lead to implant failure. Therefore, it is essential to brush and floss thoroughly every day. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste to clean your teeth and gums properly. Floss between the teeth and around the implant crown to remove food debris and any plaque buildup.

Avoid Hard or Sticky Foods

Avoid eating anything that can damage the implant or the crown. Hard and crunchy foods such as nuts, popcorn, ice, and hard candy should be avoided. Also, stay away from sticky or chewy foods, such as caramel, taffy, and gum. These foods can dislodge the implant or damage the crown, making it unstable.

Quit Smoking

If you are a smoker, it is important to quit smoking immediately. Smoking can affect the overall health of your mouth and increase the risk of implant failure. Smoking can hinder proper blood flow, which slows down the healing process. If you want to protect your investment in dental implants, quit smoking.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly

It is important to schedule regular dental checkups with your dentist to ensure that your dental implants are in good condition. Your dentist will examine your implants and clean the area around the implant thoroughly. Regular dental examinations can prevent any potential problems, such as gum disease and implant failure.

Maintain Oral Hygiene

Maintaining oral hygiene is essential to prevent gum disease and infection. Use an antiseptic mouthwash to rinse your mouth after brushing and flossing. This will help kill any bacteria that may be present in the mouth. Also, avoid using a hard-bristled toothbrush as it may damage the implant or surrounding gums. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to brush gently around the implant crown and gums.

Dental implants can last a lifetime if they are maintained properly. By following these tips, you can ensure that your dental implants remain healthy and strong. Brush and floss daily, quit smoking, avoid hard or sticky foods, visit your dentist regularly, and maintain oral hygiene. By taking these steps, you can enjoy a beautiful smile and healthy teeth for years to come. If you have any questions about maintaining your dental implants, consult with your dentist today!