What To Do When Your Kid Knocks A Tooth Loose

When your child has a tooth knocked loose, it can seem like a very large ordeal. Here's the thing: most teeth, even permanent ones, can get knocked loose then reset themselves so long as there isn't extensive damage to the root system or gums. Your child is likely to be scared and a little sore, but odds are, they'll be okay and so will their tooth.

That being said, any trauma to the mouth that knocks a tooth loose can be considered a dental emergency so you should always call your child's dentist when they have a tooth knocked loose. Even if your child claims their mouth does not hurt and they have no visible damage to their tooth, they may have a serious dental issue.

What should you do when your kid knocks a tooth loose? The first thing to do is to not panic, and the second is to call your child's dentist for further instruction and to set an appointment. Here are the other things you should be doing.

Check the tooth for signs of damage

Look at your child's tooth and see if there are any noticeable cracks or chips. Ask your child to gently touch their tooth with their tongue to see if they feel a sting, which can indicate nerve pain. Gently wiggle your child's tooth and see how loose it is.

A permanent tooth that has become loose can actually tighten back up again so long as it's left alone. A baby tooth knocked loose may reset itself if it has some time before it's meant to fall out, or your child's dentist may opt to simply pull the tooth for the comfort of your child depending on how loose it is.

Place any tooth pieces in milk

If a tooth has had a piece broken off of it and you can find the missing part, put the tooth piece in milk. You have a short time to do this, but if the tooth is placed in milk soon enough which keeps the tooth from drying out and helps protect the enamel — your child's dentist may be able to reattach the tooth. Even if you cannot place the tooth chip in milk, keep it in a baggie to show the dentist later, if you can.

Keep the dentist appointment you have for your child following a tooth getting knocked loose, even if the tooth has tightened back up and your child is not in pain. Your child's dentist will likely take an X-ray of the tooth and perform an exam to see if there are other things they need to do.