How A Dental Implant Can Change Your Smile And Make You Look Younger

If you have a missing tooth or have a tooth that needs to be pulled, it can impact your smile in many ways. Your dentist may suggest you get a dental implant to replace the tooth, especially if you're self-conscious about your tooth issues or if the missing tooth is in an area of your mouth that is easily seen when you smile.

You can get a dental implant to benefit you in many ways. A dental implant will not only improve your smile, but it can also make you look younger as well. Learn how dental implant services can benefit you in this way.

Your smile is more even

A smile with a missing or broken tooth is a distraction to many and makes your own smile stand out. When you have a dental implant put in, you change your smile dramatically in a good way. A dental implant is a post that is placed in your jaw bone with a custom crown placed on it made to look just like the rest of your other teeth in both shape and color. This means that once you have your dental implant put in, it's like having a new permanent tooth put in.

Your smile is more youthful

A youthful smile will give your face a whole appeal overall. It's why so many people have their teeth whitened or get veneers or caps placed on their teeth. If you want to look younger, get a dental implant where you need it so your smile looks better than ever. As a bonus, the dental implant you have put in will help fill out your face as well so your entire face has more youthful symmetry.

If you need more than one dental implant, then the benefits can be even more dramatic. To fill in your cheekbones and give you a more complete and youthful look, ask your dentist about getting a dental implant in the rear of your mouth where molars may have been missing.

Dental implants may be partly covered by dental insurance to help you pay for the costs. Your dentist will let you know if dental implant services will work well for you. You can get a dental implant once any other dental needs have been taken care of and once you have healed from having your post put in, you can have your crown fitted and be ready to show the world your new youthful smile.