Things To Know About Caring For Your Dental Needs

Being informed about your dental health needs is an important part of protecting your appearance, comfort and overall health. To help you be informed about this part of your health, you should understand the answers to several basic questions about dental care needs.

Are Whitening Procedures Harmful For Your Teeth And Gums?

Staining is a common problem that can have devastating impacts on the appearance of your teeth. While staining may not pose an immediate structural threat to your teeth, the stains can cause you to experience self esteem issues. Luckily, there are whitening treatments that will be able to eliminate the stains from the surface of the teeth. Yet, patients will often be hesitant about undergoing a whitening procedure due to fears that this will damage their teeth. Luckily, it is extremely unlikely that a person will suffer serious tooth damage if they opt to have their whitening treatment administered by a trained professional. These professionals will be able to examine the severity of the stains that you are suffering so that they can recommend the most effective whitening treatment. An example of this may be recommended laser whitening for patients that have deep stains.

What Is Causing Your Gums To Bleed?

Bleeding gums can be another issue that patients will often find themselves experiencing. It is particularly common for individuals to find that their gums bleed after they brush and floss. Unfortunately, this is often a symptom of gum disease. When a patient starts to develop gum disease, the condition will gradually worsen until they are experiencing significant discomfort, and their teeth may start to loosen. If you start to experience bleeding gums, you should schedule a dental appointment as soon as it is possible, as prompt treatment can be essential to limiting the ability of the gum disease to spread and worsen.  

How Often Should You Change Your Toothbrush?

Your toothbrush is one of the more important dental care tools that you will own. However, it is a common mistake for individuals to fail to change their toothbrushes on a regular schedule. Failing to swap the toothbrush with a new one can cause a variety of problems. In particular, the bristles may become too worn to effectively remove plaque and tartar from the teeth. Additionally, an old toothbrush may introduce bacteria into your mouth. Ideally, you should swap out your toothbrush once a month. Furthermore, you will want to make sure that your toothbrush is covered and stored where dust and other materials will not get on it.

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