2 Kinds Of Braces That Adults Can Wear

You might think that you can't get braces as an adult, that once you're no longer a teen that your chances of getting the teeth that you want are completely gone. However, that isn't the truth. It doesn't matter how old you are, you can get the teeth that you want, and you don't even have to have the metal that is so often seen with braces. There are plenty of other options that you can use so that you can get a nice straight and even smile. 

1. Dental Aligners

One thing that you can try is a dental aligner. These aligners are basically trays that you wear. They just go right over your teeth and are made out of a special clear plastic, so no one will ever know that you are wearing them unless you tell everyone. You will go to your dentist every few weeks to check the progress that you have made so that you can see if you are still on track. The dentist will also give you new aligners at that time. Each aligner won't make a huge change, but over the entire treatment process, you are going to see big changes, if you look at the beginning and the end. It's like watching grass grow. You know that it's growing, you just can't see it grow. 

2. Lingual Braces

The lingual side of your teeth is the side nearest your tongue. If you get lingual braces, that means that they are going to go on the inside of your teeth instead of on the visible side. They will still work the same way and still give you the same smile that you are looking for; it's just going to be on a side where no one can see it easily. 

If you do with lingual braces, you want to make sure that you are very careful when you are brushing your teeth because it could be very easy for you to miss a spot and then that spot could turn into a cavity if you consistently miss it. You will also want to make sure that you have plenty of wax to put over the brackets while your tongue is getting used to the braces, otherwise, you can end up with some sores on your tongue. 

If you are an adult, you don't have to be stuck with your smile. You can get the beautiful, straight, and even smile that you are looking forward to with adult braces.